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Quick Submission Process

No longer do you need to weed through endless email submissions or Facebook group posts. Our easy to use platform makes your submission process a snap!

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You can filter submissions by keyword, category or even author to help you find content that’s relevant to your site. Rate, group, and tag submissions for future reference or review.

Search and Request

Not receiving submissions you need? Now you can search our writer’s database by keyword or category for specific content you need right now. Or post a content request for a specific submission process from writers on our content wanted board.

Batch Process

Accept and decline content in batch to create a fast and seamless submission review.

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Automated Responses and Notifications

Customize and automate responses to submission writers and set-up notifications for efficient communication.

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Automate Responses

Our easy-to-customize automatic response templates makes it easy to communicate with submitters.


You can use our pre-written template responses or create your own to fit your specific needs.


Set-up email notifications to be alerted when you receive new submissions or messages from writers. Also, receive notifications for when new content has been uploaded into in your specific genre. You can get a notification for every submission or just once a day.

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Easy Integration

Schedule and post drafts without ever leaving Write for Publish. Promote your calls for new content on your site and all social media platforms.

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Once you accept an article you have an option to schedule a specific date or set for an unknown future date.


Our API is compatible with most blogging platforms, so you can set up a draft in your blogging platform without ever leaving Write for Publish.


With our one-click share option you can easily tweet, post and embed your site calls for new and specific content.

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We make publishers' jobs easier.